Heritage of Secrets

Heritage of Secrets has echoes of Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd in more than just the name of the American sailor, Troy and spans the days of ‘The Troubles’ to the present, a time when marijuana has begun to filter into the bathrooms of convent schools in Ireland and issues of sexuality have come to the fore.

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“Heritage of Secrets is unputdownable; the writing is beautiful, and the epic scale of the story is compelling. This is a novel that embraces love, loss and destiny with compassion and clarity. Aoife Mannix is a writer to watch.” Nick Drake, author of Nefertiti: The Book of the Dead and winner of the Forward prize for best first collection, The Man in the White Suit

‘Aoife Mannix has a poet’s way with words, and a natural gift for storytelling. ‘Heritage of Secrets’ is a hugely satisfying read’. Paul Burston, author of ‘The Gay Divorcee’

‘Aoife Mannix’s book is a real page-turner, and incredibly difficult to put down.  She has painted her characters with consumate skill, drawing on finely honed observational skills, with the true story teller’s ease. I found myself sympathising with the main characters even when they were doing appalling things with and to each other. A really great read.’  Agnes Meadows, author of This One Is For You